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Do-It-Yourself Painting Restoration Not a Hit in Spanish Church

The small Spanish town of Borja is reeling from an amateur artist's attempt to help them out with an unsolicited "restoration" of a church fresco of Christ.  According to the Associated Press, 80-year-old Celia Gimenez thought the 82-year-old painting… more »

Russian Punk Group Gets Two Years

The Russian punk band, Pussy Riot, was found guilty of hooliganism for its protest performance that took place in a church, and the members were sentenced to two years imprisonment.  Not surprisingly, the verdict and sentence are meeting with a large… more »

Free Speech or Hooliganism?

By now you've probably heard about the trial in Russia of the punk rock group known as Pussy Riot.  Those of us who like to keep tabs on free speech issues are all waiting for the verdict to come down on this one.  If found guilty, the three women on… more »

Appropriate Appropriation Appellation

I came across an article in the publication known as ARTnews in which it discussed what is often referred to in visual art circles as "appropriation art."  That is, it's art created by appropriating someone else's art and tweaking it to some degree.… more »