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The “Black-ish” Perception

Three days ago, I watched the TV sitcom, Black-ish, a show I’ve liked from its inception.  It was, to date, the program’s most serious episode, illustrating the varied reactions within the show’s primary family to news reports regarding a grand… more »

Holy Copyright Infringement, Batman!

I believe I've mentioned in past blog posts that most characters can't be copyrighted unless they possess some very specific and unique traits that distinguish them from all others.  Batman would be one such character. But what about the Caped… more »

I Have a, uh...Make That a Vision

Some of the 20th Century's most stirring speeches came from the lips of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.  So how come none of his words are in the King biopic movie, Selma? Answer: Copyright.  That and the possibly perceived threat of… more »

Bad Judge! Bad Judge! What Did You Do!

Apparently, the show's title wasn't a strong enough clue as to the nature of the title character.  I'm talking about NBC's sitcom, Bad Judge," which features a free-spirited female judge who likes to par-tay both in and out of her judicial robes--if… more »

No Time Like the Present to Sue

Just in case you were looking for an example of how far back you have to reach to appropriate a piece of intellectual property without worrying whether you might get sued for copyright infringement, a lawsuit filed in California makes a timely point.… more »