Category: "Literary"

Authors Guild Seeks Supreme Justice

The Authors Guild has taken its decade-long fight with Google to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The Guild has filed a request for the High Court to review the battle over whether Google has the legal right to provide scanned excerpts of books online. Google… more »

Did Anne Frank Have a Co-Author?

Nothing stirs up controversy like the prospect of a lucrative copyright coming to an end.  In this case, I'm talking about the book, The Diary of Anne Frank. The classic work is a Jewish teenage girl's recounting of the days when she and her family… more »

A Snippet of Legality

If you've been following the legal battle involving the Authors Guild and various other literary plaintiffs versus Google, the victory -- at least so far -- goes to the search engine giant. The case involved Google's practice of scanning a huge number… more »

How the Grinch Got Jail Time

Does anyone think the Grinch got off pretty easy, considering he committed breaking and entering, malicious mischief, and who knows how many other illegal activities in his attempted theft of Christmas?  I mean, he seems to get off scot-free despite the… more »

Estate of Master Sleuth's Creator Ordered to Pay Up

A follow up to the story about the author who won his battle to have the character of Sherlock Holmes declared a public domain property.  The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the Estate of Arthur Conan Doyle to pay the plaintiff's legal fees of… more »