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"Queen of the Universe" Deposed

I've got to admit that I don't generally follow celebrity news.  But, when Lady Gaga gives sworn deposition testimony in which she refers to herself as "the queen of the universe"...well, that's got to have at least some entertainment value.  Right?… more »

SOPA and PIPA Definitely on the Back Burner

Since last Friday when Congress shelved its two Internet anti-piracy bills (Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act), I've heard nary a word about either or the issues the bills are about.  SOPA and PIPA, as the bills are generally a… more »

SOPA and PIPA Bring Day of Wiki Darkness

If you attempted to access Wikipedia on January 18th, you undoubtedly noticed the dark page of protest that greeted you rather than the usual home page.  It was the website's way of protesting two congressional bills designed to protect intellectual prop… more »

Vaclav Havel Used His Art to Help Effect Politcal Changes

Former Czech President Vaclav Havel died December 18, 2011, leaving behind the legacy of a dissident artist who eventually rose to the top post of his nation's post-communist government.  Mr. Havel was a playwright who wrote plays that parodied the commu… more »

Balloon Payment

Ordinarily, if someone wants to utilize an image of a cartoon character you've created, they've got to pay you for that privilege.  After all, licensing rights are a valuable piece of intellectual property. But publicity is also valuable.  So when you… more »