Category: "Visual Arts"

Destruction of Historic Monuments Deemed a War Crime

The International Criminal Court in The Hague sentenced a man to nine years in prison for destroying historic monuments in the city of Timbuktu. The man, who said he got swept up in Al Qaeda's "evil wave" and other extremist groups, pleaded guilty to… more »

German Parliament Throwing Roadblock in Art Trafficking

The upper house of Germany's Parliament passed a law aimed at stopping the illegal importation and exportation of art and antiquities.  Although the objective is to thwart those who loot antiquities and traffic in them, many reputable German dealers… more »

Blond Jesus Has Plaintiff Seeing Red

A man is suing the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the City of New York over artistic depictions of Jesus that represent Christianity's most revered personage as a fair skinned blond. According to the lawsuit filed in a New York court by plaintiff Justin… more »

Museums Tell Visitors to Stick to Stickless Selfies

Art museums don't seem to mind when people take self photos--"selfies"--in front of the works on display.  A selfie on someone's Facebook page or Twitter post is free publicity for the museum. However, it may be a whole different story when the… more »

An Artistic Deduction

Who wants to take on the IRS?  Not too many want to tangle with those folks.  But one artist did just that, and she won a battle that could be a significant victory for all artist taxpayers in the U.S. Visual artist Susan Crile found herself in the… more »